by Digma

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released October 3, 2013

Recorded by Danny Molina at Plug N' Play Studios and Filipino Community Center San Francisco.



all rights reserved


Digma San Francisco, California

Three Filipino American activists who met at San Francisco State University. We support all genuine movements for liberation.

Jessica - thump
Carlo - beats
Joshua - guitar / vox

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Track Name: Vicious Cycle
Born and bred for mass consumption
Flesh and blood extensions of mechanical mass production
Devices of burden, so too their sons and their daughters
Fattened cattle led to the slaughter

Day in and day out it's all the same
Sense of humanity begins to wane
Process of alienation is now complete
Mechanized from your head down to your feet

Prepare to live life on your knees
This beast will show neither compassion nor mercy
Bear witness to complete dehumanization
Living in hell: there is no salvation

You adjust your noose in the indoor plantation
It tightens 'round your neck a reminder of your incarceration
Meager pay in exchange for your life and your soul
This is the epitaph of your aspirations and goals

Tortured by repetition and monotony
Your dreams dangle just out of reach
From this nightmare you will never awaken
All your hopes are now forsaken
Track Name: White Phosphorus
Bombs rain down: a storm of death
The gift of democracy from the west
Cast out your people to steal your land
Label you as thieves and cut off your hands

In the name of national defense
Come chemicals to cleanse your flesh

Imprisoned by walls so tall they block out the sun
Criminals on your own soil no matter where you run
We lay siege to the lands of your birth
Impatiently we wait for you to deny your self-worth

For the offer of an olive branch: a bulldozer in return
In the rubble of your demolished home you shall be interned

The color of your skin is a mark of shame
Your culture is a stigma worthy of blame
Self-hatred and suicide are your only recourse
We laugh at your self destruction devoid of remorse

These are not acts of genocide
History is just not on your side
Track Name: Forced to Fail
Incorrigibles that cannot be saved
Throw away offspring born into the grave
Building the coffins for stillborn minds
Building the prisons to punish future crimes

Entire generations cast aside
For selective infanticide
Subversive attempts to remedy
The defects of humanity

State policy dictated from up above
They know only discipline... they’ll never know love
They understand they are meant to be crushed under our boots
Eradicate inferiority right at the root

Colorblind society
Self Fulfilling prophecy
Lebensborn is now complete
Embrace the future of white supremacy

Forced to Fail
They are forced to fail
Track Name: Development Diplomacy Deathsquads
Rape and pillage people and land to subjugate
Entire nations into imperialist slavery
Total domination of minds, bodies, and souls
The extraction of superprofit the ultimate goal

You lost the war now we shall the collect our spoils
The labor of your people and the resources under your soil
Pop music culture in exchange for you oil
Generations after you forced to eternally toil

Imperialist Puppets speak empty promises of change
Through handshakes in shadows deals are arranged
Amongst a select few power is exchanged
From freedom and peace humanity is estranged

Bullets and batons greet cries for relief
The sights of mutilated corpses compound the grief
In order to defend the ruling elite
Starving workers and peasants left to bleed to death in the streets

We come in peace for your blood and your oil

In God’s name
Track Name: Bulok na Sistema
Walang bala na titigil
sa ating pagsugod.
Kahit anong harang
ay ating wawasakin.

Walang kwentang sistema
sinira, benenta!
Sawa ang mga masa
sa pagkain na basura!

Nasaan na ang bagong sistema?
Sa atin ay magsismula!

Para sa mga martir, kasama at kasapi.
Hindi masasayang ang dugo ng mga bayani.
Ang ating kalayaan ay nasa paglaban.
Magwawakas din ang panahon ng mga mayayaman!